The Dark Relic is an ancient artifact used by Simon the Wanderer to defeat Heinrich I in 943 AD.

History Edit

Background Edit

Not much is known about the Dark Relic before it was in the possesion of Simon the Wanderer, but he used the relic to seal Henrich I in his underground prison. It is later sealed in a crypt located in Northern Germany.

Uprising Edit

Over 1,001 years later, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse sent troops led by Christopher Machtig to a village above where the crypt is located. As Deathshead's wants to use the Dark Relic to power his mechanical troops known as "The Dark Army." Despite the death of Machtig, the Nazis managed to get the relic and bring it to Deathshead.

While most of the energy was used for the Super Soldiers, the remains were used for the lopers and Wilhelm Von Starke's Tesla 44 DR.